Wildlife in “The Burg”

There’s always lots of fun critters at Crescent Lake park near downtown St. Pete.

I caught this ibis trying to eat a frog in the middle of the road.

The fungus on this old tree looks like icing on a cake.

I found a few white pelicans floating around the downtown St. Pete sea wall.

Things at the small beach area on the bay side of St. Petersburg (know as The Burg) in late December.

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Duck, Duck, Goose……


Grumpy ole muscovy duck.





Different pretty ducks at the lake.



The lesser scaup stayed in the middle of the lake.


Friends hanging out together.




The geese stick together.


Interesting pigeon.


There’s always a green heron at one end of the lake.

I hadn’t been to Crescent Lake Park in downtown St. Pete in a long time. I had to run some errands near there right before Christmas so I brought my camera along and walked around the lake early that morning before my errands. Nothing new there but it was a nice morning out.

Saturday's Critters

Birds and ducks on a Saturday morning – Skywatch Friday


Spoonbill flying past me. He came by so fast I almost missed him.


Why are those little crows always bothering the eagles? The eagle was sitting in a bald cyprus tree in the middle of the lake.


Blue wing teal looking back at me. There doesn’t seem to be as many of these here this winter. Maybe it’s because the black bellied whistling ducks have taken over the place?


Lone lesser scaup floating near the trail.


Tricolored heron preening. He was posing to perfect not to stop and take a shot.


American bittern right along the trail. I saw 4 of them that morning. Normally they are pretty hidden in the reeds but two of them were out in the open grass.

Just a few ole things I saw on my Saturday morning walk at Circle B Bar Reserve. Nothing new or rare but the bitterns only visit for the winter and they are pretty scarce and hard to find. And to be truthful, I didn’t find them on my own. There was a big crowd watching them on the trail when I passed by. As my hubby always asks me “How are you going to find that bird?” “Look for the big group of photogs.” is usually my answer.

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Backyard visitors in January


Starlings resting on my dock.


I always have doves on my feeder.


The hooded merganser couple hanging out in the channel behind our house.


This great egret was walking around the front yard.


Recently we’ve been seeing an otter swimming around the channel behind our house. We’ve lived here almost 9 years and this is the first time we’ve seen one here. I keep catching him leaving the channel so all I have are back of the head shots.


I found this lone female lesser scaup swimming in a small pond at the entrance to our neighborhood. All we’ve ever had in that pond are mallards so it was weird to see her there alone.

Some of the visitors to my neighborhood recently. All shots except for the last one were taken through the windows.