The road to Cripple Creek

Woke up to another dismal morning at the hotel in Cheyenne Mountain.  What to do when it rains?  The lady at the front desk when we checked in said there was a pretty scenic drive that we could drive to get on a train for a short ride. At least we would be in the car.

Off we went to Cripple Creek, about an hour from Colorado Springs.  About 20 minutes later we saw blue skies.

There was so many cool things to see on the road to Cripple Creek. We started to see the yellow aspen trees. I kept making Brett stop so I could take pictures. It took us over 2 hours to get to Cripple Creek with all of the stops.  So glad I paid attention to the lady at the front desk.

“Let’s do something inside”

We were sitting at lunch after a rainy cold walk around Garden of the Gods and were deciding what to do next. We still had most of the afternoon open but the weather was not cooperating. Brett said “Let’s do something inside”. We decided on Cave of the Winds nearby. You explore the inside of a cave on a tour. The drive up the mountain area where the entrance to the cave sits was beautiful. We took our time and I took a ton of pictures spending more time outside than in.

The views from the visitor’s center at the entrance to the cave was breathtaking. You can also get strapped to a seat and get launched 150 feet off a cliff. I did not want to lose the lunch I just ate so I passed. These guys seemed to have be having fun though.

Time to go back down the mountain and on to the next adventure.

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Having lunch “in town”.

In between the Garden of the Gods Park and Pikes Peak is a cute little town called Manitou Springs. We stopped here after our walk around Garden of the Gods to grab something to eat for lunch. We stopped in at the Red Dog Cafe. Sitting at a table right in front of the window, we shared a sandwich and some snacks and watch the cars and people go by.  We meant to get back here during the week to look around a little more but time got away from us.

Another day we had lunch at the famous Thunder and Buttons in Old Colorado City. Both places were minutes from our hotel.

A big bear greats us on our way to Cave of the Winds after lunch in Manitou Springs.

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Chesnut Park on a Saturday morning.

Standing on the observation tower, an osprey saw me and said “Hey, there’s Dina. I’m going to swing by and give her a hug.” or maybe not.  He just banked and kept cruising by.

A juvenile moorhen eating yucky pond grass.

Limpkins were everywhere. Up on the boardwalk and down in the swamp with a snail.

This guy must have gotten a piece of some bad tasting grass.

Trying to hide on a log. Not sure what this guy was but I was using a long lens.

Before Hurricane Irma took down a lot of the trees.

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Garden of the Gods

We left our hotel at the base of Cheyenne Mountain and headed towards the Garden of the Gods Park.  As we got closer to the park, you could see the sandstone rock formations.

We spent several hours here walking around. The sun was out at first but then the dark clouds started to move in and it started to drizzle right before we were leaving. What a magical place this was. I probably could have spent all day here but it was starting to rain and I was hungry.  I’m sure during peak tourist season in the summer it’s not as much fun. There wasn’t a lot of people around so it almost felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.  This park is more than just a few pictures here and there so To Be Continued…

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