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Growing up at work

For several years we’ve had osprey babies growing up in the parking lot at work.  The nest is on a light post that no one parks under anymore.  No one wants to clean up big baby bird poo off their … Continue reading

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Wild zoo babies

An almost grown great egret scratching. This one must be one of the first ones born at the zoo this spring. He still had just a little bit of baby fuzz on his head. Very young little blue herons were … Continue reading

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Botanical Gardens in the heat

Little critters. Cute critter. I think he was afraid I was going to steal his nut. I’m don’t know what this bird is. Any ideas?  I think it may be a juvenile. A woodpecker chewing on this pretty flowering tree. … Continue reading

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Big pile of marshmallow babies

I stopped by a park near work recently and found these babies on the boardwalk. The above are anhinga babies, almost grown up. There were three of them on a teeny tiny nest. On the other side of the boardwalk … Continue reading

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At the beach

The black bellied plovers are really pretty in the summer. And so are the ruddy turnstones. The sanderlings are also sporting their summer colors. Grumpy snowy egret. Sleepy cormorant. At the fishing pier at Fort Desoto.  

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After work walk

Things from an after work walk at the office park near my office.  Lots of critters in the water and along the boardwalk. Linking to Wednesday Around the World

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After work walk at Sawgrass Lake Park

Little critters. Swimming critters. A scarlet tanager high up in a tree with a snack and a pair of doves that were flirting. A squirrel eating a branch. Stopped by Sawgrass Lake park after work in late May for a … Continue reading

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Can I take one home with me???

This goat was chilling early in the morning. Cute baby goats also chilling. While Mom was being fed by the tourist, one of the babies decides to get a meal as well. At Sweetfields Farms, where we walked through the … Continue reading

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Sunny day in the sunflower field

I found a new place!  For a limited time in April and May, Sweetfields Farm has a sunflower maze. The farm also has, surprise, farm animals! And vegetables and other flowers but the big draw is the fields of sunflowers. … Continue reading

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Saturday morning walk at Chesnut Park

The water was almost gone in May due to the drought we were having. Most of the little ponds were dried up and the deer were grazing in the pond. Most of the plants were looking parched. Little critters. I … Continue reading

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