An early morning walk in Tarpon Springs

It was a hot summer and I was trying to do my short morning walks near water. One morning I drove up to Tarpon Springs and started a quick walk along the bayou at Craig Park. In the winter this bayou will be filled with manatees but on this morning there was nothing in the water but the reflection of the sun.

Bright colors on a nearby building.

The park has many great old crooked trees. Some over 100 years old.

I stopped at nearby Sunset Beach before heading home. The water was crystal clear and it was low tide.

This tiny beach has a lot of trees along the water.

Another stop was nearby Crystal Beach pier. The water isn’t as nice here, mostly grass beds along the shore but it’s still a beautiful view looking at the water or back at the palm trees.

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A 4 park morning

It was hot as usual at the end of July. I headed out early one morning for a walk at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs. I hadn’t spent a lot of time here, only driven through. I parked in the shaded area of the park and walked out on the causeway that leads to the beach. I was hoping for a breeze but didn’t get much of a whiff this morning but it was a beaufiful morning and I saw several dolphins far out in the gulf.

After my walk at Howard Park, I stopped at nearby Sunset Beach. It’s a small spit of sand but also a small piece of heaven the morning I was there. I imagine it’s packed on the weekends but early this Wednesday morning it was quiet and I sat on the bench for a while, watching more dolphins go by.

And if you forgot to bring a book with you to read on the beach, there’s a free library in the parking lot.

Another quick stop was the Anclote River Park, just north of Tarpon Springs.

A replica of the Anclote lighthouse was in the parking lot. The actual lighthouse is on Anclote Key, only accessible by boat.

One last stop was the Anclote Gulf Park just a few minutes away. I walked out on the long fishing pier and was hoping for dolphins here but didn’t see any.

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