Pretty things in late July

Little critters creeping or buzzing around the butterfly garden at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.

A few of the blooming things.

The waterfall at the nature center. Years ago I would see green tree frogs hanging around this area but I haven’t seen any in a long while.

Something growing around a tree stump. Looks like icing (of course, I have sugar on my brain).

A tiny oasis in the heat.

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A walk after work

Lots of turtles at Carillon Park. The ponds have sunning boards for the turtles to hang out on.

Magnolias along the boardwalk.

An ibis taking a bath. It was so hot I wanted to jump in with him.

A few bunnies along the trail.

Colors in the fountain.


I haven’t seen a lesser yellowlegs in a long time much less at this park.

A quick walk around a park nearby work before heading home in early May.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing: weekly photo linkup

A walk around Carillon after work.


Pretty purple in a big field of green.


A small sign of fall.


A resident anhinga hanging in the mangroves along the boardwalk.


Another one with a fish.




One of the resident bunnies.


The fountain in the pond right before dark.


Two of the buildings on the lake.  The dark clouds cast a nice reflection on the lake.

I had about an hour before it got dark so I headed over to the ponds close to work. The weather had slightly cooled off and the boardwalk and trail were packed with joggers and walkers. I saw very few birds or ducks.  I keep waiting for all of the wintering ducks to arrive but so far I’ve seen none. There has been a kingfisher hanging around work lately. This was my last trip around the lake after work for a while. Now it will be dark when I leave work.