Fun Atlanta shots with my phone

A shot of downtown Atlanta from the Ponce City Market.

Street art.

Two old favorite hangouts in Little Five Points. Old vintage store, Junkman’s Daughter  and the best burgers in the Point at the Vortex.

We always stop at Doc Chey’s Noodle house for lunch when we visit Atlanta. Brett and I use to go there when we first started dating. We’ve been married over 24 years so it’s been open a long time.

A view of Buckhead from Lenox Mall. There’s a lot more buildings since we moved.

We went to a Braves game at the new stadium with Cobb.

I climbed all the way up to the top row. Nice breeze up there but the players looked like little ants. I didn’t stay up there long. A little creepy going back down the stairs.

SkyWatch Friday

Magical plants at the Botanical Gardens

When I was in Atlanta in mid-August visiting friends, I spent some time at the Botanical Gardens. It’s one of my favorite places to take pictures.  They were having an exhibit of “Mythical Creatures” topiaries that was really cool to see.

Above are just a few of the growing “creatures” that come to life.

Lots of fun things to see at these gardens which were full of butterflies.

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“I’m heading down the Atlanta highway”

Atlanta, as seen in the first episode of the tv series “Walking Dead”. Except in the scene, the roads were lined with abandoned cars that were photo-shopped into the scene. I took this the first night of our long weekend to visit friends. It was dark and cloudy and had just stopped drizzling. My husband thought I was going to look silly being the only person standing on the Jackson Street bridge taking this picture. No, there were several other people there taking pictures as well. I found out later that there are “Walking Dead” tours that take you to some of the places that scenes were filmed at. This is one of the stops.

Another Atlanta downtown scene, taken as we were leaving to head back home.

One morning while Brett was riding his bike with some friends, I took a walk around Piedmont Park. They used to have great art festivals and other events here. I’m sure they still do but it was quiet the morning I walked around the lake.

A few of the critters and an interesting mushroom or fungi around the lake. After my walk around the park, I headed over to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, more on that later.

We stopped at a shopping center to get something and this hawk was in the parking deck. At first I thought he was hurt but I think he had just finished a meal. He took off as I got closer to him but he let me get pretty close. He left behind a few scraps of his lunch.

Almost 25 years ago, Brett and I got married here in the gardens behind the Swan House. We were passing by and I made Brett stop for a few minutes.

I was feeling really nostalgic for Atlanta. I had lived here for 17 years before Brett and I moved to Tampa for work. Since his family moved to the Tampa bay area years ago, we hadn’t really spent any time here in over 3 years so we came back for a long weekend in August. We packed a lot of sight-seeing in the 2 and a half days we were here. We happened to be staying in a hotel next to this mural. The mural is on the side of the building where the old Limelight disco was back in the 70’s and 80’s. I spend many weekends there dancing with my sister and our friends back in the mid 80’s.

SkyWatch Friday

Lots of beauties, cuties and beasts – Skywatch Friday


These flowers are popping up at all of the parks. It’s always a sign of summer around here.


I haven’t seen a ladybug in a long time.


A tiny gator taking a break.


Vultures were eating a big turtle close to the trail. Since they only eat dead animals, something must have happened to the turtle. It might have been sick.


Face to face with a small gator. I was not close. This is extremely cropped.


Turtles are everywhere.


We found a big gator family. I think we counted 13 babies. There may have been more. They must have been very young. They were tiny and were climbing all over each other.


Mom was close by, right up against the trail.


Another pile close by.


A little bit older but still young. A few weeks after taking these, the preserve closed down Marsh Rabbit Run trail due to the gator mating activity. They can be very aggressive and will come up on the trail more often during mating season. With all of those new babies, the moms are going to be very aggressive protecting them. One or both of the main trails usually close each summer. This year was early. It should open back up around September once all of those hormonal gators calm down and go back to sleeping all day.


The cormorant tree. Some days it’s a snowy egret tree. Or an ibis tree. It changes every trip.

Another cloudy morning. It went back and forth looking like it was going to pour and then the sun would peak out for a few minutes. A least it was still cool in late March. I think all of the alligators got the memo to show up this morning. The trails were full of them. Most of the big ones were way down in the marsh.

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Flappers and jumpers at the botanical gardens


This bluebird was singing pretty loud on a light post.


I don’t know what this is. It flew onto the same post as the bluebird above. At first I thought it was a juvenile bluebird but that beak looks different. Any ideas? Cobb?


My first “male” goldfinch.


Wet robin with a berry in his beak.


Catbird on a chain.


House sparrows hanging out on a nest box.


Upclose with a frog.


Cool frog in one of the fountains.

Just a few critters I saw on my walk around the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The bluebird was a plus since I rarely see them in central Florida.

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The Atlanta Botanical Gardens


The gardens were having a “Larger Than Life” exhibit while I was there. Really cool topiary type plants were all over the gardens.


A cool ogre plant.


Fish fountain.


This was my favorite. Connected to the waterfall she was the garden goddess. I took this from the top of the skywalk bridge.


Bees were everywhere but I didn’t see a single butterfly. I think the rain had kept them away. Plus, all of the flowers looked pretty beat up from the storms.


Bee up close.




Blooming in orange.

The rain stopped for about two hours on Saturday morning. It was drizzling on the way to the gardens and I almost turned around and went home. I pulled into the parking lot and waited a few minutes and it stopped. At least the temperature was cool for July. Not many people at the gardens. I think the rain scared them off.  The gardens were full of all of the usual flowers but most were falling over from the rain. They needed a good sunny day to dry out.