Cute and creepy on the trail

Lizards, snakes and alligators, Oh my! And a cute squirrel too.

The sun coming up over the trail in the “not so early” morning.

SkyWatch Friday

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Wild and resident animals at the zoo

The trees are full of wild ibis all over the zoo.

The wild blue herons and tricolored herons were just starting to build their nests over the alligator exhibit.

A zoo resident stork was sitting on a nest. By nature, she’s covered in flies. When she moved, they would buzz around.

A resident flamingo splashing around.

Two “head banger” birds in the aviary.

Up close with manatees at the manatee hospital pool there. These are all injured manatees that are in rehab at the zoo. Most of them get released when they recover. (taken through the glass with my phone).

Fun at the Lowry Park Zoo in late March.

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On the trail at Circle B Bar Reserve

Great egrets and spoonbills were in the air and in the muck.

Bittern, limpkin, anhinga and wood stork on the trail.

A house wren hiding in the bushes.

Coot with cool feet.

A kingfisher actually sitting still.

Purple gallinule eating something yucky.

Lots of activity in late March at Circle B Bar Reserve but nothing unusual.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

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What a handful

In the small pond in my neighbor lives many crazy muscovy ducks. They are loud and messy. But, when one of them has babies, they are the cutest family. I stopped and took these pictures one Saturday morning in mid-March. This mom was going to be busy with 17 babies.

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Two parks in one morning.

I headed out to Chesnut Park first and saw the usual critters above before heading to Philippe Park nearby.

While waiting for the baby owl to wake up I walked up the small hill that sits on the water. The small hill is a Tocabaga Indian mound and is the largest remaining mound in the Tampa Bay region. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks. The view is beautiful at the top. While standing there a juvenile eagle flew right over my head.

SkyWatch Friday

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April showers bring May flowers

Spring starts early down here in central Florida. These were all taken at the end of February at Bok Tower Gardens.

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Critters in the backyard

This lady kingfisher has been a regular visitor this past winter. She’s either on the dock or on the boat lift poles.

Mr Grumpy (great blue heron) sometimes naps on our dock.

An anhinga paid a visit recently.

My resident osprey has been spending some time on our neighbor’s sailboat mast. I took this right before the sun went down. He usually comes in right before dark and sleeps there.

One day we had a hawk on the same mast.

We have a spotted sandpiper that hangs out in the channel in the winter. I went out on the dock to take this picture. He let me get pretty close.  It was during an extreme low tide so he was walking around in the muck.

A couple of weeks ago we had a pelican on our dock. This is the first time I’ve ever seen one here. I rarely see them come into the channels. They usually stay out closer to the bay.

One night right before the sun went down I went outside to get something and saw a flock of robins hanging out in our tree on the side of the house. They stayed long enough for me to run back in the house to get my camera and come back out and snap a few shots.

We get a lot of squirrels in our yard.

Pretty flower on the fence.

A few of the critters passing through our yard in the last few months.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

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Another fun day at the zoo.

Having fun watching the primates at Lowry Park Zoo.

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A foggy morning at Circle B Bar Reserve


The reserve was covered in fog when I first walked out on the trails in early March. I could hear the sandhill cranes calling out but could not see them very well.

After the fog lifted, I saw several on my walk.

Spider webs blanketed the trails.

The usual residents.

A bittern close to the trail.

It can look dark and foggy early in the morning but it doesn’t stay that way long in early spring in central Florida.

SkyWatch Friday

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More eye candy in Miami

More pictures from my trip to Wynwood Walls district in Miami.

A few funky sculptures in the district.

Riding in the backseat, I snapped this with my phone as we were getting on the highway heading out of Miami and back to Hollywood beach. A little cloudy but at least it wasn’t hot yet in mid-February.

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