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Trail full of birds

There were a few tiny birds at Honeymoon Island Park at the end of January. Tons of yellow rumped warblers and the last one is an eastern towhee. The parking lot was full of yellow rumped warblers. They thought the … Continue reading

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More assorted fun at the zoo

Pretty birds in the aviaries. Cutest family at the zoo. This gives a whole new meaning to “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The resident injured eagle had climbed the tree and was hanging out on a low … Continue reading

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Pretty zoo birds

All pretty birds at the Lowry Park Zoo. I noticed one of the eagles that live at the zoo was high up in a tree. Both are permanently injured. He climbs and hops his way up the tree since he … Continue reading

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Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

All of the above are missing a wing. They are permanent residents at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. A wild vulture stopped by for a handout. Lots of other Florida wildlife there as well. The flamingos were taking a bath or … Continue reading

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Things that remind me of July 4th.

This was way to easy.  A permanently injured eagle at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. Whoever added the flag on the back fence was a genius. Mount Rushmore several years ago with my sister who lives in nearby Sioux Falls. Bay Pines National … Continue reading

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All the usual suspects at the “Bar”

A green heron hiding in the grass. This red shoulder hawk flew into a tree right over my head, grabbed a branch and flew off. He was working on a nest across the trail. Right when I saw this great … Continue reading

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Nothing but skeeters at Honeymoon Island in December

And this eastern towhee. I don’t see these very often. Catbirds are very common here. It’s common to see a kestrel high up in a tree. The eagle is on the nest. I’ve heard that the rangers have reported there … Continue reading

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Chesnut Park birds in November.

This guy has been hanging around this branch for a while now. Hoping for great blue herons this winter. Last year he built a nest but no luck with babies. The usual Carolina wren. Showing off. What a cutie! The … Continue reading

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Fun things at Chesnut Park

Showing off his snack. An eagle was sitting high up in a pine tree right over my head. It’s always fun to watch the birds swaying on the reeds. Other things I found growing around the park including the pink … Continue reading

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Random things at Chesnut Park

A leftover Easter bunny eating his breakfast. Getting frisky. The eagle has landed.  After being absent all summer, the eagle is back in his usual winter Saturday morning spot across the lake. I saw this weird stuff growing out of … Continue reading

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