Two native things – yellow flowers and gators

When you first drive into Myakka River State Park you come to a small bridge. Most people pull off and park and walk over the bridge to look for alligators. I did the same. I saw all of the above from the bridge. Fourteen alligators in the first few minutes of driving into the park (all from a far away safe distance). That limpkin in the last shot was a little too close though.

After the bridge I pulled over at the big field to get some shots of the tickseed in full bloom.

Out in the field I noticed an eagle sitting high up in a utility tower.

There’s something magical about standing in a field of yellow flowers, especially one this big. I was only standing right off the road.

After taking in the flowers I headed over to the edge of lake to see what I could find. Walking down the path from the parking lot I had to keep my eyes open. This guy was just off the path so I stayed far away.

Looking across a small creek I could see the river bank full of them. I counted 32 alligators this morning. I’m sure it’s the most I’ve seen in one day.

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5 thoughts on “Two native things – yellow flowers and gators

  1. Love love love the reminder of our other home. Yellow flowers really are special — always my favorites. Like spots of sunshine on the ground. And I even like alligators (I think you know that already). From the posts I’ve done with pictures of them, I’m guessing this might be a minority opinion among your readers! That really is a high count for the day though. We’ve been to this park, I even think we camped there once or nearby anyway. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

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