A summer bike ride

It was too hot to be walking around and my foot was still bothering me so I was taking a lot of bike rides at a nearby trail this summer. I wasn’t expecting to find much but I immediately spotted 2 bunnies right off the trail. Both were cottontails but one had cute notches on his ears.

The sandhill crane family was out in the cow pasture. Mom was digging for bugs in the cow poop. I don’t think Junior cared because he ate whatever Mom dug up.

This doe looked really pregnant. There were several other deer nearby hiding in the woods.

A lone skimmer came cruising the pond along the trail. The light was not in my favor but I did manage a shot of it scooping up some fish.

I took a break and was watching the cows. An almost grown calf stopped eating and was staring at me. Probably wondering what I was doing out here.

The dark clouds were moving in so I headed back to my car.

5 thoughts on “A summer bike ride

  1. Beautiful critters and photos. I love the cute bunny, the Sandhill Crane family, the deer and the cows, the Black Skimmer images are lovely. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

  2. Hello :=)
    It’s amazing what turns up on a short walk or bike ride. You took some lovely photos. Of the Bunnies, Cranes, Lone Skimmer, and that menacing sky.
    All the best

  3. We have two bunnies in our backyard without the notches in the ear though. Enjoyed the cyber bike ride with you.

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