The usual winter ducks


I made my annual duck sighting trip to the duck  ponds outside Fort De Soto in early December. As usual this time of year, the pond was full of redheads and ring necked ducks. They were all still sleeping when I got there.


A few of them had their eye on me. We only get redheads in the winter.


A juvenile white ibis tries to land in the middle. He did not stay.


There were a few northern shovelers floating as well.


A male shoveler came by pretty close.


The female was trying to sleep in.

DSC_9988This one might still be a juvenile. The colors in his feathers were not quite bright yet. He seemed curious.

The pond will hopefully stay full throughout the winter. I’ll keep checking if they do in case something unusual shows up. I had heard there was an American wigeon there but I couldn’t find him. It will be a lifer if I can find him.

Camera Critters

Flappers not from the 1920’s


Male redhead flapping.


Northern Shoveler flapping.


Another male redhead flapping.


Female redhead watching me as she flapped.


A male redhead really showing off.


As I stood at the duck pond outside of Fort Desoto park, all I could hear was the constant sound of flapping. This was a good morning to practice the “getting the duck up on his back flapping” shot. With thousands of ducks there, there were always a few ducks up flapping. They were all busy preening or taking a morning nap. Usually when a duck takes a quick bath and starts preening himself, he usually stands up and flaps his wings for a few seconds to get the excess water off. To have so many of them doing it at the same time was pretty funny.

Camera Critters