Rainbow of birds

I finally got some shots of the painted buntings that have hanging around the nature center at Circle B Bar Reserve.

A lady painted bunting was also present.

A juvenile indigo bunting was eating on the ground.

Other usual birds were the gnatcatcher and the yellow rumped warbler.

Sandhill cranes were around, digging in the dirt for bugs.

Lots of birds flying around.

Across the lake, an eagle sits in a bald cypress tree.

Just a few pretty things at Circle B Bar Reserve in mid-March.

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Snacking and nesting at Circle B Bar Reserve

Sandhill cranes were just starting to nest out in the marsh.

A new meaning to the term “Big Gulp”.

A wood stork trying not to drop the little fish.

Everyone was snacking including the limpkins.

It’s weird to see vultures flirting.

A cormorant flies by.

Lost of activity at Circle B Bar Reserve in mid March.

SkyWatch Friday

Pink cotton candy and marshmellow fluff in the marsh.

Lots of spoonbills in the marsh mixed in with the ibis.

Must have been some good snacks in the marsh this morning I was at Circle B Bar Reserve in late January.

Lots of white pelicans flying overhead but none were landing.

A great blue heron taking off.

I’ve only seen 2 blue wing teals this winter.

This sandhill crane was standing on a nest out in the marsh. I have since heard that this nest did not work but there are other crane couples out there nesting. It would be fun to have crane babies this spring.

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Up, Up and Away


Great egrets flying by.





It was mid-May and birds were still gathering sticks for nests. All morning long they were flying back and forth from one set of bushes to another.


A sandhill crane flies over the park.



Wood storks were busy adding to their nests.


Cattle egrets were doing the same.

It’s always busy in the mornings at the bird rookery in Gatorland. Wild birds are still coming in to nest over the lake full of alligators. The mangroves were filled with nests in different stages. Some had parents still sleeping on eggs, some had newborn babies, some had almost adult babies still screaming to be feed. Lots of fun activities to take pictures of.

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Windy sunny day right before Christmas

DSC_5582 DSC_5629 DSC_5632 DSC_5634

It was raining “blue-gray gnatcatchers” at the park.





Some of the bigger birds  braving the wind. The great blue heron in the last picture was sitting on the nest.



This lady should be a pig, not an anhinga. She gulped that big fish down quickly.




Plants along the trail.

A single cool windy day before the heat of Christmas week set in. I still had on shorts and a tshirt but at least it wasn’t hot and steamy.

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Shine the Divine

The sandhill crane family

DSC_6474 DSC_6479 DSC_6485 DSC_6494 DSC_6507 DSC_6509 DSC_6519 DSC_6524 DSC_6538 DSC_6546 DSC_6566 DSC_6569 DSC_6571

I headed out to Circle B Bar Reserve in mid-May not expecting much. I thought it would be fun to see some baby moorhens. I was lucky enough to see the sandhill crane family walking down one of the trails. I sat down on the grass and watched them go about their daily lives. The babies were very curious checking everything out. They kept flapping their wings getting ready to take off one day in the future. They eventually continued on down the trail. I have seen pictures of the family recently from other photographers out at the park and the family is doing well. Both babies are almost as tall as their parents. All of the above are extremely cropped.

The Land of Oz (only with marigolds instead of poppies)


The preserve was in full yellow bloom. The burr marigolds were all over the place. It looked like the land of Oz on the Friday after Thanksgiving.


Sandhill crane way out in the marsh.


Anhinga showing off in the marigolds.


Tricolored heron on the marigold border.


A wind-blown great blue heron watching me.


Carpets of marigolds.


My pictures do not do the colors justice. Taken with my phone. You can see all of the trees in the back have lost their leaves for the winter but the marsh is full of flowers. November is the best time at the preserve. I realized I didn’t take any pictures of the bald cypress trees. Those are all bright orange right now. They will be losing their leaves in the next few weeks. See, we do have a fall here. It just comes much later than up north.

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