Cruising by the cows

I bought a bike in early April, mostly to cruise around the neighborhood but since I can fold it and put it in the back I decided to take it out on a bike path. There’s a parking area about 15 minutes north of me that picks up the northeastern end of the Pinellas Trail. The path goes through cow pastures and a golf course and I didn’t think I would see too much else so I only had my phone with me the first ride. Above are taken with my phone. I was not surprised to see sandhill cranes along this path since I had heard there were a lot of them up here.

A week later I came back up here with my camera and longer lens in my backpack. Far across the cow pasture I could see a juvenile eagle sitting high up on a utility tower. I saw several eagles when I was riding the week before. Next fall I’ll have to look for a nest although it’s probably in a utility tower like the one by my house.

I love seeing the cattle egret hanging out with the cows. They are hoping the cows churn up some bugs as they chew the grass.

I found several meadowlarks along the fence.

I’m assuming the sandhill crane couple I found was the same one I saw the week before. They were in a cow pasture farther down the trail. This is a fun trail to ride and there’s not much traffic during the week so I’ll be coming here quite a bit.

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6 thoughts on “Cruising by the cows

  1. Amazing finds!! I love the sandhills cranes you found and other birds. Plus you gave me a great idea!! I read my bike a lot on the Arkansas River trails and their are pelicans and other large birds on the sandbars on the river but they are too far away for a decent cell phone shot. Well, I’m going to put my camera with a long lens in a backpack and carry it with me.
    I know that sounds obvious but I had never thought of it.

    Enjoy the weekend!!

  2. Your bike riding paid off with some excellent photographs of sandhill cranes, baby eagle, meadowlarks, egrets and cattle. Looking forward to your next bike ride and what you will post. Lovely, just lovely photographs.

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