Little critters at Rocky Mountain Arsenal Park

These little prairie dogs were so cute. I know, they are just cuter gophers or maybe more like meerkats. We just sat in our car and watched them run around for a while. These shots are all extremely cropped up. They were pretty far out in the field and if I opened my door they would all scurry into the holes.

My first ever coyote sighting. He was also pretty far away.

A few birds along the road: pigeon, meadowlark, kestral and a sparrow of some type.

Some of the critters we saw during our drive through Rocky Mountain Arsenal Park in Denver. I think if I lived here I would always be cruising through here.  Lots of critters to see roaming around. It was near our hotel so we drove through quickly before getting dinner. We also saw bison and deer so more on those later.

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Bird on a wire – Skywatch Friday

My first eastern bluebird. I didn’t know what it was at first. I snapped this quick before he took off. I tried to find him again with no luck.

Kestrel taken from the car window. If you got out of your car, they took off.

Lots of loggerhead shrikes around this area.

Starling all alone. Usually they are in big flocks.

Eastern meadowlark on a fence wire. I saw a few of these that morning.

There were lots of different birds hanging out on utility wires along the dirt roads up in Hernando county. While I was looking for the swallow tail kites, I passed by all of the above. The bluebird was a surprise. They are not common in the Tampa bay area where I live so I was happy to add that one to my list.

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Driving on a dirt road.

I pulled off on the side of the road to see if I could see any swallow tail kites flying to my left. When I looked to my right, this was what I saw.

What a beautiful face. My friend Carrie is going to say “How can you go to McDonalds after taking that picture?” And I’ll reply “I don’t like McDonalds, I’d rather eat at Wendy’s.” And then she’ll shake her fist at me as she’s chewing on her vegan jerky.

This shot is for Theresa at Run A Round Ranch. I don’t see horses very often but when I do I think of her beautiful horses she has shared through her pictures.

How many locks do you need, really? On that beat up old fence. What are people going to steal? The grass? I thought it was funny and then noticed the meadowlark staring at me.

My first sighting that morning of the redheaded woodpecker was far away down the pasture.

There was a lot of dragonfly hanky panky going on. The dragonflies were thick as pea soup along the dirt road.

More pictures from my swallow tail kite trip up in Hernando county. It was a very productive and fun morning.