Little critters at Rocky Mountain Arsenal Park

These little prairie dogs were so cute. I know, they are just cuter gophers or maybe more like meerkats. We just sat in our car and watched them run around for a while. These shots are all extremely cropped up. They were pretty far out in the field and if I opened my door they would all scurry into the holes.

My first ever coyote sighting. He was also pretty far away.

A few birds along the road: pigeon, meadowlark, kestral and a sparrow of some type.

Some of the critters we saw during our drive through Rocky Mountain Arsenal Park in Denver. I think if I lived here I would always be cruising through here.  Lots of critters to see roaming around. It was near our hotel so we drove through quickly before getting dinner. We also saw bison and deer so more on those later.

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7 thoughts on “Little critters at Rocky Mountain Arsenal Park

  1. You did well! I’ve never been to that park, as often as we’ve been in Colorado but have seen foxes and prairie dogs around Boulder County and in the NP when we visit our son and DIL. Great photos — I’m glad you had your camera handy. The first time I saw prairie dogs I was immediately reminded of meerkats (which I’ve only seen on TV and in zoos).

  2. Wonderful photos! I live in the foothills of the Denver area, so Rocky Mountain Arsenal is fairly far, but one day I hope to visit it.

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