One last look at Garden of the Gods

More pictures from our walk through Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs. It was our first day in Colorado so I took a ton of pictures. What an amazing place. Even with the dark clouds it was a magical place. I think it even drizzled a little while we were there but at least it wasn’t freezing. I’m sure on the weekends and in the summer when it’s extremely crowded it’s not as much fun. There were signs for over flow parking down the road and you have to take a shuttle into the park.

A few birds.  A pigeon and a western scrub jay. The western scrub jay was a first for me. I still haven’t seen the eastern one that lives here in Florida.

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4 thoughts on “One last look at Garden of the Gods

  1. It really IS amazing and so are your pictures! I can never get over the fact that this is ‘just’ a City Park — Colorado is full of natural beauty. We have (middle-aged) children near there, so it is kind of like our ‘third place.’ Did you have trouble with the altitude? Or lack of humidity? It sure is different from Florida and always takes me a little time to get used to every single time we visit.

  2. I love those beautiful reddish spires. Amazing shapes! We used to get western scrub jays in our backyard, but haven’t seen any in quite a while.

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