“Farm living is the life for me”

I’m having fun hanging out with the farm animals. Having not grown up around them, I find them interesting. With that said, it’s fun to watch them for a while and then go home to my house near the city in Tampa. I’m not sure if I would love them if I had to do the chores that go with keeping them.   These were all from my trip to Sweetfields Farm north of Tampa one Sunday morning in late May.

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On a dirt road


She has pretty eyes.


You can almost always find a sandhill crane in a cow pasture.


Interesting black and white cow.


Red shoulder hawks were everywhere.


More cows.


A typical sight on the dirt road. silhouette of a vulture.

Hubby and I were headed to West Palm beach to visit his aunt that recently turned 95. We left fairly early and headed out across central Florida. I wanted to drive down a dirt road to look for a caracara. A bird that has alluded me. I had heard that they hang out on Peavine Road. A long dirt road that runs from Highway 60 up towards Orlando. Unfortunately we hit rain. It rained most of the way across. I was thinking we should just head straight for West Palm. We got to the dirt road and the rain had stopped so we decided to drive down a little ways. It drizzled on and off so we only went half way down the road before turning around to head on our way. The road was filled with vultures, kingfishers, great blue herons and cows. Cows went on for miles. There was no sight of a caracara that day but on the way back home we went a different way and I got lucky. More on that tomorrow.

Camera Critters

Driving on a dirt road.

I pulled off on the side of the road to see if I could see any swallow tail kites flying to my left. When I looked to my right, this was what I saw.

What a beautiful face. My friend Carrie is going to say “How can you go to McDonalds after taking that picture?” And I’ll reply “I don’t like McDonalds, I’d rather eat at Wendy’s.” And then she’ll shake her fist at me as she’s chewing on her vegan jerky.

This shot is for Theresa at Run A Round Ranch. I don’t see horses very often but when I do I think of her beautiful horses she has shared through her pictures.

How many locks do you need, really? On that beat up old fence. What are people going to steal? The grass? I thought it was funny and then noticed the meadowlark staring at me.

My first sighting that morning of the redheaded woodpecker was far away down the pasture.

There was a lot of dragonfly hanky panky going on. The dragonflies were thick as pea soup along the dirt road.

More pictures from my swallow tail kite trip up in Hernando county. It was a very productive and fun morning.