“Farm living is the life for me”

I’m having fun hanging out with the farm animals. Having not grown up around them, I find them interesting. With that said, it’s fun to watch them for a while and then go home to my house near the city in Tampa. I’m not sure if I would love them if I had to do the chores that go with keeping them.   These were all from my trip to Sweetfields Farm north of Tampa one Sunday morning in late May.

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4 thoughts on ““Farm living is the life for me”

  1. I agree, a farm is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. However, your photos are great. It took me a minute to recognize that very-close-up closeup of the turkey. I love his other portrait, with his tail-feathers on display. Last but not least on my list of favourites: the turkey with one foot up…you captured him so well, it’s like a video.
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