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“Farm living is the life for me”

I’m having fun hanging out with the farm animals. Having not grown up around them, I find them interesting. With that said, it’s fun to watch them for a while and then go home to my house near the city … Continue reading

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A cute baby goat!

Some very young chickens were out running around feeding on the main path. A peacock was showing off. Strutting around. Creepy but pretty lizard. I got to pet the “not quite week old” baby goat. Me and the other kids. … Continue reading

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Chillin with the farm animals

Watching the big horses grazing in the pasture. This one was taking a dirt bath. A few of the fowl I snapped while watching the horses. I spent another morning relaxing at HorsePower for Kids animal sanctuary. There’s something about … Continue reading

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Crazy chickens at the farm

It’s amazing how the chickens and roosters all have their  own personalities. I didn’t grow up around them. I grew up thinking chickens came from a grocery store!!! It’s funny to watch them walk around the farm like they own … Continue reading

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Funny faces at the petting zoo

The pig slept and the donkey snorted at me. The top chicken was giving me the stink eye. The bottom one was too busy picking at his feet. The cormorant and bluebird are wild birds just stopping by for a … Continue reading

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Funny Faces at the petting zoo

What is it about having chickens and roosters running around that make me want to go live on a farm? Maybe it’s a case of wanting what you don’t have (or didn’t grow up with). Faces only a mother could … Continue reading

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Critters roaming the streets

Chickens and roosters were everywhere. Roaming the streets and making noise. We happened to be there during baby chick season. I counted 6 different baby chick families along the streets. They were in empty lots, parking lots, walking down Duval … Continue reading

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