Strutting in the street

On a hot Saturday morning in July I decided to head to the Saturday morning farmer’s market in Ybor City near downtown Tampa. I have never been and didn’t think it would be too crowded due to the heat and summer rains. Just wanted to wander around. I had heard there were chickens and roosters running around loose in the area but never have seen them there when we just pop over to eat at restaurant. The park where the market is held is over run with them. They were everywhere.

There were signs everywhere saying not to feed them but of course I saw a couple throwing out break to them.

They were hanging out on the front porches of the houses around the park.

The market was pretty quiet that early in the morning.

This must be the spot to bring your greyhounds because I saw several people walking them in the area.

There were tons of baby chicks there as well so I’ll post those later.

3 thoughts on “Strutting in the street

  1. From the title, I thought for sure we were going to see you dancing in the street!

    Ybor can be counted on to produce surprises. If you’re not familiar with it, and enjoy baked goodies, stop by La Segunda Bakery on 15th Street. We’ve been enjoying their Cuban bread for six decades.

    • Yes, we use to head over there just to go there. They opened one on Kennedy near where we live last year so we stop by too often. We also still love eating at the Columbia once in a while as well. Usually when family is in town.

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