Bugs for breakfast

It’s always fun to see sandhill crane babies. And, I always take a ton of pictures even though I already have a ton. This family was no exception. The two babies were so cute. I found them at Circle B Bar Reserve at the end of March.

They both stayed close to the parents who were finding bugs for them.

The babies would wander around being curious but then run back to Mom to get a bug. This went on for a while as they made their way down the trail.

Fighting over who gets the next bug.

I could have stood there all day watching them but it was time to head back to the car since I was getting hungry.

4 thoughts on “Bugs for breakfast

  1. Hello, Dina
    Love the cute Sandhill Crane chicks. They are adorable. Great series on the family of Cranes. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

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