Baby eagle flapping his wings


Junior is getting to be a big boy (or girl).


It looks like he’s just figuring out what those big things attached to his body are.


He looks determined.


Already looking majestic at just a month or two old.


He’s trying really hard but not really going anywhere.


Mom brought in a snack. It looks like she has a piece of fish hanging out of her beak. What is that hiding behind Mom? It looks like another baby. I only saw one baby on my first two trips to the nest. Now, 3 weeks after that first trip when the baby was a fuzzy gray pinhead, I see another one. The second one must have been much younger and stayed down in the nest.


Look out below on the left! Junior had a little too much fish for dinner.


On the farm next door, white ibis were snoozing on a big dead tree.

On my 3rd trip to the eagle’s nest back in late February, the baby was big enough to really see. He was sitting up and flapping his wings. It was exciting to see the 2nd baby. He looked just a little behind in size than the first one. Since then, they both have been doing well. More on that later.

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Another new baby!


Right when I got to the eagle’s nest, one of the parents flew in with a fish. I thought this was a good sign of a baby.


Bringing home the bacon!


I’m still wondering if he just brought the fish for Mom while she’s still sitting on eggs.


All of a sudden, a little gray fuzzy head popped up. I could just barely make out the baby. Looks like dad was feeding him the fish since he had a little piece hanging off his beak.


Mom started howling at something.


Crows were flying by and coming close to the nest.


On the other side of the nest, one of the parents was resting on a branch.


A little over a week later, I stopped by the nest again and you could see how much the baby had grown. He was yelling at the robin over his head. Those little birds are brave.


He was going to be a beauty.

The light is bad there. Mostly backlit or sidelit. I can’t get to the other side since there’s a farm there. The baby was growing up fast. From tiny fuzz to almost looking like the parent in a short time. This was in late January. After another visit I realized there were two babies. More on those later.

Baby eagles flapping their wings.


“Am I doing this right?”


“Is this the standard eagle pose?”


“Do these wings make my butt look big?” (says the baby eagle if it’s a she).


“Man, the chicks are gonna dig these.” (says the eagle if it’s a guy.)


“I have lift off.”


“Quiet down, I’m trying to sleep.”



Above is a short video of the baby eagle flapping his wings. I stopped by the nest on a cold windy day in mid-February. Both babies looked good. By now they are around 2 months old? I’m not sure when they hatched. Only when I could see them peeking over the nest so they could be close to 3 months old.  By now they are flying far away.

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