Baby eagle flapping his wings


Junior is getting to be a big boy (or girl).


It looks like he’s just figuring out what those big things attached to his body are.


He looks determined.


Already looking majestic at just a month or two old.


He’s trying really hard but not really going anywhere.


Mom brought in a snack. It looks like she has a piece of fish hanging out of her beak. What is that hiding behind Mom? It looks like another baby. I only saw one baby on my first two trips to the nest. Now, 3 weeks after that first trip when the baby was a fuzzy gray pinhead, I see another one. The second one must have been much younger and stayed down in the nest.


Look out below on the left! Junior had a little too much fish for dinner.


On the farm next door, white ibis were snoozing on a big dead tree.

On my 3rd trip to the eagle’s nest back in late February, the baby was big enough to really see. He was sitting up and flapping his wings. It was exciting to see the 2nd baby. He looked just a little behind in size than the first one. Since then, they both have been doing well. More on that later.

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12 thoughts on “Baby eagle flapping his wings

  1. So wonderful to see close-ups of the young one working on his wings. He’ll be getting stronger and stronger.
    On the west coast of British Columbia, where I spent most of my life, there are increasing numbers of Bald Eagles as well. I was out there this month and it’s great to see the eagles after they got so close to extinction. A success story!

  2. Very nice! (Camera envy here). Isn’t it funny the way the other birds perch so close by without a care for the raptors in the neighborhood. (I have seen ours bring home an ibis, so they better watch out.) Though I am sure the eagles prefer fish meals cuz they don’t have to be defeathered.

  3. HI Dina great to see the eagle shots especially of the baby. I assume the babies hatched a fw days apart adn that is why one is smaller than the other.

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