Baby eagles flapping their wings.


“Am I doing this right?”


“Is this the standard eagle pose?”


“Do these wings make my butt look big?” (says the baby eagle if it’s a she).


“Man, the chicks are gonna dig these.” (says the eagle if it’s a guy.)


“I have lift off.”


“Quiet down, I’m trying to sleep.”



Above is a short video of the baby eagle flapping his wings. I stopped by the nest on a cold windy day in mid-February. Both babies looked good. By now they are around 2 months old? I’m not sure when they hatched. Only when I could see them peeking over the nest so they could be close to 3 months old.  By now they are flying far away.

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18 thoughts on “Baby eagles flapping their wings.

  1. Your eaglets are at about the same stage as our local one in Pembroke Pines– flight-ready! Very nice shots– I especially like the expressiveness of the adult eagle.

  2. Wonderful pictures – I’d love to be able to get this close to an eagles nest.
    I like the “odd couple” post before as well!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW – Stewart M – Melbourne

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