A sad picture but happy ending.


These beautiful loons only stay in Florida for a few short months during the winter.


I caught one busy getting his own fish.


He was gulping them down, one after another. Then the below happened.


A loon had gotten caught in fishing hook and the fisherman was pulling him up on the pier. At least the fisherman next to him had told him not to cut the line, to pull him up and get the hook out. It’s better to use a bait net but they pulled him so fast no one had time to get the net. I ran over to the corner and shot the above quick right before he came up on the pier.


A volunteer from the Tampa Audubon was there and helped get the hook out. The hook came out quick and the loon was released back into the water.


This pelican was not so fortunate. He has fishing line stuck somewhere on his body. He was on the other side of the pier that is not accessible.


A few other sights on the pier that morning. And we wonder why they just cut the line instead of pulling up the bird. They can’t even bother to pull up their own pants.

If you missed the story the Tampa Bay Times posted on this issue that I attached in my last post, here is the link again. This not new news. I found this article from 2010 about the same subject.

9 thoughts on “A sad picture but happy ending.

  1. Oh my gosh Dina — you were in the right place at the right time for that rescue. Your pictures are spectacular and I’m glad, so glad, that the loon was ultimately OK. But it upsets me that this happens so often to birds — at least that first fisherman (with the loon) knew how to rescue the bird. And probably knew how to pull up his pants too. Honest to god I wonder how people like that last guy have enough brains to put one foot in front of the other.

  2. I am so glad this one did have the happy ending. Like your pelican I see way too many poor birds with hooks and line stuck in them, often the result of morons that don’t have a clue.
    Great pics of the loon fishing!

  3. I love loons — their mournful cry across the water is beautiful. Thank goodness this one was saved, despite its fast ride up on the fisherman’s line, and thank goodness for the wonderful people who rescue birds caught on fish hooks.

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