Rainbow of birds

I finally got some shots of the painted buntings that have hanging around the nature center at Circle B Bar Reserve.

A lady painted bunting was also present.

A juvenile indigo bunting was eating on the ground.

Other usual birds were the gnatcatcher and the yellow rumped warbler.

Sandhill cranes were around, digging in the dirt for bugs.

Lots of birds flying around.

Across the lake, an eagle sits in a bald cypress tree.

Just a few pretty things at Circle B Bar Reserve in mid-March.

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8 thoughts on “Rainbow of birds

  1. I want a painted bunting…male, please, for all those amazing colours. I wouldn’t cage it, I promise: I’d give it free reign in our back yard and provide a pretty little lady bunting for its wife.
    Definitely don’t think they’d thrive here in Alberta. Summers, perhaps, but definitely not winters, so I have to content myself with your wonderful photos, Dina, and yes, they are always wonderful.
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. I have been wanting to take pics of a painted bunting since the days of Run-Around-Ranch blog and I finally got to see some the morning I left for my granddaughter’s graduation. I got some bad pictures in the too early light. I hope to see them again now that I’m back. You sure got some great pics.

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