Little yellow birds invade Fort Desoto


Hooded warblers were everywhere. They were walking around in the grass and posing for everyone. I saw this bird last year but never got a shot so this is my first official hooded warbler shot.


Prairie warblers aren’t too common. There were many of these on the east beach trails.


After I cropped this up I realized there were tiny white bugs all over the leaves. I think that’s what he was eating.


White eyed vireos are common during spring migration.


This one was trying to hide in the fir trees.


Yellow throated warblers were common around the ranger’s house this weekend.


My very first prothonotary warbler.


He was posing for me right when I hit the trail that morning.

Central west Florida had a small fall-out this past weekend. A big storm came through the Tampa Bay area on Thursday and by Friday afternoon, people were posting great migrating birds all over the area. The most populated seemed to be at Fort Desoto so I headed down there early Saturday morning. I skipped the beach and went straight to the woods. I spent over 4 hours looking for little birds in the bushes and trees.  Of course, everyone else had the same idea so it was pretty crowded on trails. Everyone was so nice pointing out things they had seen. I do not know my little birds very well and usually shoot first and look up species later. Saturday I left knowing all but one bird that I had taken pictures of. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of new people and ran into a few old friends I haven’t seen in a long time.  I also saw a few red and blue birds that aren’t cardinals or blue jays so I’ll post those later.

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15 thoughts on “Little yellow birds invade Fort Desoto

  1. What fabulous ‘little birds’ you have over there, Dina – even if most of those are rare in your neck of the woods. Most of the species of warbler we get over here are very drab – and usually fit into the category of ‘LBJs’ (little brown jobs).

    Great images, but my favourites are the male Hooded, the Yellow-throated, and that second Prothonotary blows my socks off!

  2. Wonderful yellow bird series!! I’ve only seen and captured a hooded warbler once. They are quite stunning!

  3. These were well worth getting out on a Saturday morning for.
    Wonderful shots!
    I love that little hooded warbler! He looks like he’s wearing a hoodie – cute.

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