Birds of prey on the nest at Honeymoon Island


Walking the trail at Honeymoon Island, this is a common sight. The trail is full of osprey sitting on nests. Osprey raise their babies a little later than eagles and owls. Most of the eagle and owl babies in the area are almost grown up and the osprey were  just starting to lay eggs when I walked the trail in mid-February.DSC_3894

Another common sight, both parents on the nest.  This couple might not have eggs yet. The osprey on the left had a fish under his foot.


I saw the above great horned owl before I saw the nest. She was sitting in a branch right over the trail.


The nest is right on the trail so you can’t miss it. I saw two baby owls looking down.


I don’t know what they were looking at here. Must have been a squirrel running around.


“What are you looking up at?” said the older owl. He was probably watching an osprey fly by.


As I was standing there watching the baby owls, the above landed on a branch right over my head. The trail is full of these red-bellied woodpeckers.

This was the same dark drizzly morning I saw the red breasted mergansers. Not too far from the parking lot is the owl nest. Everyone walking the trail can see the babies peeking out. I had heard they were there but didn’t make it out until they were almost grown. They looked very curious. Staring at anything that moved. The weather kept most people home so it was a quiet morning. Not many other birds out though. Tons of osprey and woodpeckers. I’m going to try to back there to see some osprey babies.

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  1. I love walking a trail that has so much fabulous wildlife! I saw my first two osprey for 2013 two days ago. They have migrated back to Canada and are claiming their nesting sites.

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