Pink baby cotton candy balls


“Brother, you are wrong. This is not food.”


“Everybody wake up. Time for our morning stretch.”


“Look at my face! Isn’t it the cutest?!!”


“Too many mouths to feed. I gotta shake it off.”


“What are doing Junior? Showing off again?”


“Mom, when are we gonna eat?”


“I’m the oldest.” “Stop shaking the nest.” says the ones sleeping.


“How is this going to work?”

Four baby spoonbills at the alligator exhibit at Lowry Park zoo! Two years ago there were three babies in the same spot, although they are a couple of trees back this year. None last year so I guess they are making up for lost time.  I had posted about seeing the mating here back in early February. I finally got a chance to get back to the zoo to check on the nest and there were four babies! At this point they were getting big fast. All four looked pretty healthy. These parents are busy. I was only able to spend a little over an hour there and the other parent did not come back with food while I was there. I’m going to try to get back in the next two weeks to see how big they get and if all four make it. There’s not much room on that nest and big alligators are waiting below. 

The babies stayed busy stretching and preening but they weren’t all awake at the same time. One would stand up and stretch and lay back down. Then a few minutes later another would stand up. I don’t think this parent is getting much rest. It looks just like a big pile of pink cotton candy up there.

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  1. Fabulous images, Dina. I’ve never seen baby spoonbills before. Love the way you captured their various movements and “looks.”

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