Late June in the backyard

The female hummingbird was still coming to visit in late June.

It’s not often a smaller bird will come to the feeder when a woodpecker is on it. This chickadee was brave.

Blue jays are regular visitors.

This was the first time I have seen a cardinal molting. This female had lost all of the feathers on her head. She was looking scruffy.

I went outside to get shots of the above downy woodpeckers. At first I thought they were a couple but after watching them for a while I realized they were parent and young. The parent was teaching the juvenile how to dig for bugs in the trees.

I took this through the window. A juvenile red bellied woodpecker was just getting his red feathers in.

We also had a pileated woodpecker stop by.

I looked out the window and saw the above swallow tail kite circling behind our house. I grabbed my camera and ran out the back door thinking he would be gone but I managed to get a few far away shots before he got lost over the woods.

Some of the usual non-flying critters in the backyard.

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6 thoughts on “Late June in the backyard

  1. Awesome, love the hummies and other birds and critters.
    I visited you via Little Things Thursday!
    I linked up this week with = 25+26. Come and join us at SeniorSalonPitStop. You will find the linkup information under BLOGGING.

  2. Love the kites! I thought the second woodpecker had an unusually long bill for a Downy, but it has bars on its outer tail feathers which should rule out a Hairy Woodpecker. We have had very few jays and squirrels at our feeders, because of the abundant acorn and nut crops this year.

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