It’s starting to look like fall in mid- December.

The usual birds at  Chesnut Park in mid-December.

A sleepy alligator.

Color from across the lake. It finally looks like fall as the cypress trees start to turn.

The sun peaking through along the trail. These were taken with my phone.

It’s not often I see two pileated woodpeckers on the same tree. I took this with my phone since I couldn’t fit both of them in with my 300mm lens and I couldn’t back up into the swamp.

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Punk babies

The babies started screaming as Mom crept closer to the hole.

Feeding was quick. The babies were screaming at her.

Mom squeezed her way in and was cleaning out the nest. She took off with something in her beak.

“Wait, come back. We’re still hungry.”  There were 2 babies in the nest.

Twenty minutes later Dad comes to feed them (you can tell the males by the red stripe across the chin just under their beak. The females don’t have this stripe.).

These pileated woodpecker parents were busy with 2 little mouths to feed. The light was bad from the boardwalk so it was a challenge to get decent pictures. These were all taken with my 300mm lens and extremely cropped up. They are animated little birds, almost grown up.

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Fun things at Circle B Bar Reserve


Fly on a sign. Notice the hair on his bottom.


Berries waiting to be eaten.


This blue-gray gnatcatcher was posing for me.


They don’t have any bright colors but their personality makes up for it.


The number of limpkins at the reserve seem lower than in the past. I only saw a few on this visit.


Yummy breakfast.


 I’ve been seeing a lot of pileated woodpeckers lately.


Anhinga posing in front of the yellow flowers.


A great blue heron prancing down the trail.


The black bellied whistlers didn’t seem to mind the glossy ibis getting so close.


In a huddle.


Hiding in the yellow flowers.


The usual alligator close to the trail.

The first week in December was perfect. Cool sunny days. I had to get out for yet another long walk at Circle B Bar Reserve.

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Punk is still alive in the woods


It looks like he was pulling tiny pieces of wood out.


He stops. He’s staring at me. Is he going to fly away?


He moves around to the other side of the tree.


I realize there are two of them on the same tree.


His friend says “Hey Woody, did you see that lady over there watching us?”


He climbs higher up the dead tree.


How perfect is this face, with the white and black stripes and red mohawk?

Quick video of him banging on the tree.

I was walking down Alligator Alley trail at Circle B Bar Reserve when the pileated woodpecker flew right in front of me and landed on a dead tree close by. It was my 2nd pileated sighting in a week. The first was at Chesnut Park. This one was right up on the trail and did not seem to mind that I was watching him.  They both were banging for a while and then one flew off. The other one followed after a few seconds and off I went as well.

Woodpeckers and fungus at Chesnut Park


I took this with my 300mm lens. I would not get this close to a squirrel. You just never know. But, he is cute. You can see the reflection of the sky in his eye.


Someone had been feeding the birds on the boardwalk. I think it’s the squirrels that eat more food than the birds.


Interesting but creepy bug.


Ever so slight sign of fall.


It’s weird how the tree grew over the boardwalk. Although, is that really the tree or just fungus that attached to the tree and grew over the rail?


Fungus was everywhere.


This pileated woodpecker did not seem to mind me watching him. He probably knew I wasn’t going to climb over the boardwalk and slosh through the swamp.


He was busy working on this hole.


Then he popped into the hole and started digging wood out from the inside. I think maybe he was already working on a nest. I have to remember that spot for later.

This was early in December. It did not feel like Christmas at all. We had a warm spell and it was 82 degrees that first weekend. I’m really getting tired of dousing myself with Off. I still came home with 3 mosquito bites. There were a few migrating warblers at the park but not much else. The park was busy with joggers and walkers trying to make up for that Thanksgiving feast. I guess I was doing the same thing.

Crazy woodpeckers at Chesnut Park


Tufted titmouse with a worm.


This northern parula was high up in the trees.


Little blue heron almost finished molting out of his juvenile white feathers.


The usual male anhinga posing for me.


I heard this pileated woodpecker banging on the tree.


Then I realized there were two of them.


They were climbing up and down the tree together.


There was another one in a different tree. This was the first time I’ve seen three near each other.


They were low down in the trees.

I didn’t see anything unusual but it was really cool to see the three woodpeckers all hanging around together.  I usually hear them calling when I’m at the park but I don’t often see them. This was the same morning I saw the baby deer so it was a pretty productive morning.

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