Fun things at Circle B Bar Reserve


Fly on a sign. Notice the hair on his bottom.


Berries waiting to be eaten.


This blue-gray gnatcatcher was posing for me.


They don’t have any bright colors but their personality makes up for it.


The number of limpkins at the reserve seem lower than in the past. I only saw a few on this visit.


Yummy breakfast.


 I’ve been seeing a lot of pileated woodpeckers lately.


Anhinga posing in front of the yellow flowers.


A great blue heron prancing down the trail.


The black bellied whistlers didn’t seem to mind the glossy ibis getting so close.


In a huddle.


Hiding in the yellow flowers.


The usual alligator close to the trail.

The first week in December was perfect. Cool sunny days. I had to get out for yet another long walk at Circle B Bar Reserve.

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7 thoughts on “Fun things at Circle B Bar Reserve

  1. beautiful, beautiful close ups dina, I am especially fond of the Pileated Woodpecker as that is a friend we see around here from time to time. Thanks as always for sharing with I Heart Macro:-)

  2. I love the close-up of the Pileated woodpecker, I have them in my yard. The birds are great, I like the tiny ring of white feathers around the gnatcatcher’s eye, and the plumage like a costume of the black-bellied whistlers, with their mohawk haircuts.

  3. Amazing macros and close-ups! Wow! I love the gnatcatcher’s “eyelashes.” And it almost looks like that alligator has eyelashes too, only probably of a more scaly kind.

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