The Land of Oz (only with marigolds instead of poppies)


The preserve was in full yellow bloom. The burr marigolds were all over the place. It looked like the land of Oz on the Friday after Thanksgiving.


Sandhill crane way out in the marsh.


Anhinga showing off in the marigolds.


Tricolored heron on the marigold border.


A wind-blown great blue heron watching me.


Carpets of marigolds.


My pictures do not do the colors justice. Taken with my phone. You can see all of the trees in the back have lost their leaves for the winter but the marsh is full of flowers. November is the best time at the preserve. I realized I didn’t take any pictures of the bald cypress trees. Those are all bright orange right now. They will be losing their leaves in the next few weeks. See, we do have a fall here. It just comes much later than up north.

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  1. ahhhhh, I’m so glad I clicked on over from ‘Paying Ready Attention’. My wife’s name is Dina. We live in Tampa. We might have passed each other once. ha. Anyway…LOVE your photos. Look forward to following you.

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