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Bugs and blooms at the Botanical Gardens

Lots of cool colors and critters in June at the Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida.

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Random fun at the Lowry Park Zoo

Residents at the zoo, these macaws get to fly around from the entrance to the stage area for the bird show. I caught them flying around one morning and they stopped for a break. Residents of the zoo. The stork … Continue reading

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Fun morning at Fort Desoto

“Don’t go in there” said the lizard. “I had beans for lunch.” Even the cactus were looking crispy from lack of rain. On the fishing pier, the pelican stole the fish from the cormorant. Flyby on the pier. Cormorant with … Continue reading

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A cute baby goat!

Some very young chickens were out running around feeding on the main path. A peacock was showing off. Strutting around. Creepy but pretty lizard. I got to pet the “not quite week old” baby goat. Me and the other kids. … Continue reading

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In the backyard

I caught this anhinga about to take  gulp of fish down at the other end of the channel. The above were taken back in late October.  The wintering belted kingfisher made an appearance in our channel and was hanging out … Continue reading

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Assorted critters at the Botanical Gardens

It was very quiet on my walk around the Botanical Gardens in Largo in late August. I did manage to find a few fun critters hanging around in the heat.  Linking to Paying Ready Attention

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No birds at Chesnut Park in June

Most of the birds must have gone north for the summer.  The park was very quiet on a Saturday morning in June.  So I started looking for little critters. Someone had been on the boardwalk before me and left peanuts … Continue reading

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Some new things at the Botanical Gardens

I think these are both a 5 stripe skink. This is the first time I’ve been able to get a shot of one. The top one is a juvenile and the bottom is an adult male. Tiny critters in the … Continue reading

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Hot walk at Circle B Bar Reserve and a missed opportunity

Sandhill cranes on the ground and in the air. A red shoulder hawk hiding in the tree. I blew this out to get the details in his feathers to show up. A young limpkin stretching. A baby limpkin getting feed. … Continue reading

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Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham

Views of downtown Birmingham from Railroad Park. The park opened in 2010 on a railroad corridor site once used as a freight depot. It’s a fun little park but trains come by pretty regularly. Lots of interesting things there. The big … Continue reading

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