Fun in the sun

DSC_9377 DSC_9378 DSC_9380 DSC_9382 DSC_9385 DSC_9386 DSC_9387

Yes I took these right into the sun. I was standing on a sea wall looking for ducks and heard a splash down near the beach area at a park in Safety Harbor. The black dog ran in and was barking at the brown dog to come in. They splashed around and played for a while. They looked like they were having the best time in the cold water. The brown dog got tired and went back on the beach and the black dog seemed to stand there like “Come back, it’s not time to leave yet.” He finally shook off and headed back to the beach.

Spring at Hollis Gardens

DSC_8988 DSC_9011 DSC_9014 DSC_9024 DSC_9032 DSC_9034 DSC_9059 DSC_9056 DSC_9061

Since I was in Lakeland looking for baby swans in early April, I decided to stop by Hollis Gardens. The public gardens are right in the heart of downtown. The gardens were busy with families getting their pre-Easter shots, early graduation portraits, engagement photos, etc. The gardens are very well-kept and pretty. I’m still practicing using my Nikon 85mm macro lens. All of the above were taken with that lens. It mostly cloudy but the sun did peek out a few times. Soon all of the flowers here in the Tampa bay area will start to look a little crispy from the heat.

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Sunshine in the house









All of the above were taken with my Nikon macro 85mm lens. I’ve been motivated by Deanna’s blog to bring home flowers to brighten up the house. Especially since it’s been raining and cloudy so much lately. Buddy and Spikey are always sunshine with their yellow and orange faces and their happy chirping. Although, Buddy can get really loud if someone else is talking. He wants to be the loudest one in the room. I’m surprised Spikey let me get this close. She’s very shy and a little of afraid of the camera. Not like Buddy, who will come running up when he sees it.  The last two are what’s left of the poinsettia plants from Christmas. I need to plant them outside to see if they bloom again next year. My dad did that. When my parents retired to Florida, my sisters and I would always come down for Christmas. We would bring a poinsettia plant every year. After the holidays, he would plant it on the sunny side of the house. Ten years later the entire side of the house was covered in red poinsettia leaves when we would come to visit.

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Rainy day photography

DSC_4447 DSC_4458 DSC_4720 DSC_4722 DSC_4457

The weekend after Valentine’s day was rainy. At least on Saturday. After running errands, doing chores and watching bad movies, I picked up my camera and started taking pictures of the roses from Valentine’s. It’s hard to come up with new ways to photograph roses. I didn’t want to get too artsy. I was playing with the macro lens trying to get as upclose as I could. These are my favorites from the rainy day.

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Big congratulations to Michael!

My pho-tog buddy Michael Libbe won Grand Prize in the National Audubon photo contest. He was on the cover of their most recent magazine. We met back in 2009 at (guess where, my favorite spot) Circle B Bar Reserve. It was my first meet-up to attend with the Florida Outdoors group from Flickr. Funny and friendly, I don’t get to see him very often now with our busy schedules.  Check out his great story about the picture on his blog. You can also see the article on the National Audubon site here .

Below is his award-winning picture.