Sunshine in the house









All of the above were taken with my Nikon macro 85mm lens. I’ve been motivated by Deanna’s blog to bring home flowers to brighten up the house. Especially since it’s been raining and cloudy so much lately. Buddy and Spikey are always sunshine with their yellow and orange faces and their happy chirping. Although, Buddy can get really loud if someone else is talking. He wants to be the loudest one in the room. I’m surprised Spikey let me get this close. She’s very shy and a little of afraid of the camera. Not like Buddy, who will come running up when he sees it.  The last two are what’s left of the poinsettia plants from Christmas. I need to plant them outside to see if they bloom again next year. My dad did that. When my parents retired to Florida, my sisters and I would always come down for Christmas. We would bring a poinsettia plant every year. After the holidays, he would plant it on the sunny side of the house. Ten years later the entire side of the house was covered in red poinsettia leaves when we would come to visit.

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6 thoughts on “Sunshine in the house

  1. The yellow flowers are overwhelmingly lovely, and I don’t usually like yellow. The story about the wall of poinsettias is sweet. The cockatiels look like really fun pets. My finches mostly make lots of noise for such small birds.

  2. Yellow flowers always make me smile and these photos are wonderful. I had flowers for Valentine’s Day and they looked so nice I told myself I’d get more when they were gone, but I haven’t. Maybe this post will motivate me. I didn’t know you had tame birds — they are beauties.

    Love the poinsietta story.

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