Baby owls are growing up

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Just a handful of the photogs that were at the owl’s nest on an early Sunday morning. We were all standing around waiting for them to wake up. That’s my camera set-up front and center. This was taken with my Iphone.

More pictures from the early March visit to the great horned owl’s nest to see the twins. They were growing up fast. They are so animated when they are looking around and have the funniest expressions. We were so excited to see both of them doing well this year since the year before one did not survive. I paid one more visit after this one a few weeks later. They were hopping from branch to branch. Pictures of that visit will be posted later.

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7 thoughts on “Baby owls are growing up

  1. Dina, what a cool sighting. The owlets are just adorable. Awesome photos. Thank you for sharing your post with Saturday’s Critter party! Have a happy weekend!

  2. I was going to say “adorable” but I see more than one person has said that already. They sure are cute. I love the way they’re still together in the same spot, even though they hardly fit any more. Looking forward to your shots of them hopping from branch to branch. They’ll be “all growed up” very soon.

  3. My goodness, they’re adorable! Wonderful captures. So glad you were able to see them before they started getting bigger. Amazing how many photos were there. Nothing like wildlife photography!

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