Parent eagle coming in for a landing – Skywatch Friday


I was standing there waiting for something to happen at the eagle’s nest when I saw one of the parents flying up. For once, I was paying attention and was able to get the above and below shots.


He looks so majestic with his wings spread out.


I give this landing a “10”.


And then he just sat there.


The baby was yelling for his food.


“Maybe I’ll try to go get my own food.”


“Or maybe not just yet.”


Baby has a little fish tail hanging out of his beak.


Is he using that hay straw on his beak as dental floss?


The younger one was sitting patiently while the older one ate first.


Mom started feeding one of them.


Baby has a beak full of something.


One of the parents keeping watch.

Another Sunday afternoon at the horse farm. They were pretty active this afternoon. It was nice and cool and the parents had brought in food early.

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13 thoughts on “Parent eagle coming in for a landing – Skywatch Friday

  1. Amazing shots (I won’t even mention my camera envy…ooops well I guess I did it again)! They are thinking our little one might actually fly today for the first time….Hope I can get down there today or tomorrow.

  2. Indeed, fantastic shots of the eagles in your sky! And amazing shots of the bittern and frog (No more courtin’ for that froggy)

  3. WoW, what magical moments behind the lens!! Your images are really stunning and I am green with envy!!

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