Last goodbye to the baby owls


The youngest baby owl was high up in a tree. He didn’t get there by flying. He was hopping and flapping from branch to branch.


He was watching mom who was close by in another tree. Mom was trying to get him to fly over.


He was very hesitant to move.


He kept flapping his wings which made everyone think he would finally take the plunge.


I think he was still practicing.


I got to the park around 9am back in mid-March. I had heard the baby owls were already moving around. There were a handful of people standing around waiting for the youngest baby to fly, at least to a nearby tree. The oldest baby had already fledged and was close by somewhere but no one could find him. Mom kept flying from tree to tree close by where the baby was watching. I think she was trying to get him to follow her. I stood around for an hour waiting with everyone else. Finally, I left and walked around the rest of the park. I came back two hours later and the baby owl was still sitting in the same spot. At that point I was hungry so I headed for home. I did hear that the youngest finally did take off although I don’t think it was that day. They are all grown up now. The parents are once again empty nesters.


The palm warbler was guarding the sign at the owl’s nest. The area was fenced off while the nesting was going on. It has since been taken down. Until next year!

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16 thoughts on “Last goodbye to the baby owls

  1. Awesome series on the owlet. I hope they all survive in the wild without their parents.. The Warbler is cute! Great post, have a happy week!

  2. You got some great shots! I only got to see these little guys once, but it’s been fun watching them grow up through your blog. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. We currently have nesting owls at my school site and they are always fun to watch. Soon they will be leaving their nest and I hope everyone makes it out to explore. They are very cool birds! Nice pictures!

  4. The babies will hang around with the parents until the next mating season and the parents will continue to support and teach them. They are well prepared to go out on their own when the time comes. Great owl story …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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