Floating potatoes on my walk

I went for a walk in Safety Harbor and stopped by the fishing pier before heading home. I immediately spotted a manatee swimming away from the pier. She had some interesting boat strike marks on her back. I was thinking she was heading for the boat channel so I thought this would be the only sighting.

A grackle with a snack that he stole from the garbage can is a regular sight here.

Pelicans were flying around. It looked like they were having a discussion over who got the best spot on the sign. After snapping the above I looked down and saw the below.

The manatee had come back around and got right under the pier. It had some friends as well. There were 4 swimming around this particular morning. The first 3 were taken with my phone. They do look like floating potatoes from up on the pier.

They eventually started swimming away from the pier but not before one of them slapped the water with his tail.

One of them stopped and started floating on his back. I don’t see this often.

Two spotted eagle rays came close to the pier.

2 thoughts on “Floating potatoes on my walk

  1. Great sightings of the manatees and the eagle ray is cool. I love the Pelicans.
    Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your critter post. Take care, have a great weekend.

  2. Floating on his back? I’ve never seen that either. But how neat that you got to see these beautiful creatures and get good photos. It makes me want to drive out to the coast again soon!

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