Buzzing in the butterfly garden

We were heading into the hot summer so I went for a quick walk at Folly Farms in Safety Harbor. I can sometimes find good shade and a bench to sit on in front of the flowers in the butterfly garden.

I saw a bluebird who had some kind of bee in his beak. He was so cute, posing for me.

I noticed later that there was a bluebird nest box under some small trees in the middle of the butterfly garden. Dad was bringing bugs into the babies. I could hear them peeping inside but couldn’t see them. Dad was going all the way into the box to feed them.

Then I saw a tufted titmouse with something in his beak. It looked like a leaf at first but I think it was a caterpillar that was crunched up.

I saw an adult brown thrasher on a pole near the parking area and when I walked over I also saw a young juvenile on the ground below the adult.

A minute later the adult hopped down on the ground, grabbed a bug and fed his young one while I was standing there. They were not skittish at all.

There’s a lot of eclectic artwork around the gardens and someone had drawn a face on a Mr. Potato Head and stuck it in the ground(I didn’t say it was fine art). A lizard was lounging on his head.

The new 17 foot tall gnome that was being built at the farm. He’s almost finished. It’s hard to get a good shot of him since he sits in the shade.

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7 thoughts on “Buzzing in the butterfly garden

  1. Your Mr Potato head “fine art” made me laugh (well, your remarks about it especially!) But what a lovely place to walk around — the art work was really not needed ;>)….. Wonderful birds all and it is amazing the thrasher just calmly went on with the feeding without worrying about having an audience — I think they must sense that you are a good person! (and a remarkable photographer). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous and fun are the two words I think of as i look at your post and photos. Saw it at SSPS#283. My shares this week at #26, 27, 28, and 29. Enjoy. Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health

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