Hanging out on the causeway

My relaxing spot on the causeway. After my short walk on the bridge near the beach I pulled off my tennis shoes and put on my (orthopedic) flops. I brought a chair and a book but it’s hard to concentrate with this view. I kept looking for dolphins.

I looked down over the sea wall and saw a green heron dunking for bait fish so I pulled my camera out of the car and started shooting. After catching a few fish he took off.

A little later I looked up from my book and there he was again, or at least it might have been the same one.

He started looking for fish again but didn’t seem to have any luck in that grassy area.

Far across the water I could see the tower at the Duke energy plant.

Another sunny hot morning.

Before leaving I stopped at the other bridge close to the mainland and did a quick walk on that one as well.

Now it was time to go home and eat lunch.

PS. Happy Birthday to my sister Debbie!

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6 thoughts on “Hanging out on the causeway

  1. What a great place to read but as you say, I might find it concentrate on the text with such beautiful skies and birds to photograph.
    We get green herons here and I have caught fleeting glimpses of them but they are kind of flighty and don’t sit still.

  2. That is a pretty picture of the pier and with the sun shining through. I, too, wish your sister Debbie a Happy Birthday!

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