The usual visitors in July

I looked out the window and saw a Carolina wren sitting on the outdoor chair in the backyard. Later I saw one singing on the hanging plant holder. I wondered if it was the same one.

The cardinal was not happy when the dove flew in and got a drink of water while he was taking a bath. He stopped and moved over the the rim to let the dove drink.

I got another look at the molting cardinal. What a scruffy looking bird.

The ruby throated hummingbird was feeding on the flowers in the backyard. I still had the hummer feeder out but it was good to see her feeding on the plants.

We occasionally have white ibis coming through the backyard. They are usually in groups and pick through the bugs but one day I saw one picking around near our pavers alone. I realized it was missing a foot. I cracked open the back door to take the first shot above and it came up to the door. I broke my hard fast rule of never feeding the wildlife other than the smaller birds and ran in and got a few raw green beans and some of the Nutriberry balls I feed my cockatiels. I threw them on the pavers and closed the door and the ibis ate all of it. I always keep an eye out for it when the many ibis come through the area. I have yet to see it again.

A great egret eating a lizard in front of the window.

I heard Harley (my youngest cockatiel) screaming his “There’s something scary in the backyard” scream and I ran over and saw the above red shoulder hawk taking a bath in the bird bath. I grabbed my camera and started snapping. He saw me and took off quickly. I’m surprised he didn’t knock over the bath.

Other critters in the backyard, taken through the window. We haven’t had a lot of deer come through lately but I did see the lone doe stop by.

4 thoughts on “The usual visitors in July

  1. Hello Dina,
    What a great yard visitors and variety of birds and critters. It looks like the ibis missing a foot is doing Ok. Your cockatiel sounding the alarm gave you time to take the great captures of the Hawk. I love the cute Wren and the Hummingbird images. Cute captures of the deer and bunny. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  2. That squirrel looks like he is fattening up for winter! lol Love your new banner and it’s fun to see what you see there. We have quite a few things walk through our neighborhood…it’s a ZOO here in Florida!

  3. I love the little Wren and those Hummers. That Hawk is something special though. How great to see that on the bird bath.

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