Big skies on the causeway.

It was the end of May and still not much rain which meant it was beautiful out on the Dunedin causeway. I pulled over for a quick walk and then pulled out my beach chair and tried to read a book but I was too distracted by the view.

Eventually clouds started move in and I could see it raining far out past Honeymoon Island.

Heading home I could see that they finally finished painting another turtle on the other side of the water tower.

The clouds right before I got home looked interesting so I stopped at the Oldsmar pier.

I could see rain in the direction of my home (we did get a quick shower).

There was a big storm far out in the bay coming from Tampa and heading towards Clearwater. I was hoping for a rainbow and waited a while until hunger won out and I headed home for lunch.

SkyWatch Friday

4 thoughts on “Big skies on the causeway.

  1. I love these big sky/wide angle photos. When the sky is so pretty that it makes it hard to concentrate on reading, you know you have a good sky indeed!

  2. Wow, you got some spectacular skies. I love the coast when the skies look great like yours. (I love the coast when the skies are blah also.)

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