A park and a bike ride

In late April I made a quick stop at Chesnut Park to see if there were any migrating birds hanging around. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of warblers come through here during migration but the only thing I found was the usual titmouse. They come really close because people feed them here. They come down close to the boardwalk to see if you have snacks. Once they realize you aren’t carrying they head back up to the tops of the trees.

The squirrels are also being fed here so they check you out as well.

I came home and it was still to early for lunch so I hopped on my bike and went for a quick pedal around the neighborhood. The first thing I saw was a bunny. A brown thrasher flew in front of me as I was taking a picture of the bunny. Was he posing for me?

I found a limpkin in the pond down the street from our house in the same spot the limpkin babies were last year. The water was much lower this year and at first I only saw the adult. He was calling to another limpkin that was farther down the creek.

I left my bike in the bushes and followed the creek along the golf course (no one was playing at the time) and saw another adult limpkin far in the woods. I could just barely make out a baby in the sticks. They stayed pretty hidden and eventually worked their way down behind the houses so I couldn’t follow them any farther. I’m assuming they were farther back since the water was a little higher there.

And, a random alligator that I saw in the neighborhood. This was taken with my 300mm lens and cropped so he was pretty far away.


4 thoughts on “A park and a bike ride

  1. Hello,
    Wonderful critters and photos. I like the cute Limpkin babies. Another one of my favorites is the bunny with the Brown Thrasher. Great captures. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

  2. We are right at the northern limit for Tufted Titmouse, but it has been sighted more frequently over the past couple of years and I think we might be seeing the first signs of a northward range expansion. Delightful little bird.

  3. I’m glad the gator was a distance away. They sure can run fast. The Limpkin and babies are precious. Looks like a great place to see a lot! Hope the storms stay away from us this coming week!

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