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Birds, Bunnies and Squirrels, Oh My!

There were lots of bunnies running around the Botanical Gardens. This young moorhen ran across the sidewalk in front of me.  Soon the rest of the family followed. They were heading for the tiny pond with the fountain in it. … Continue reading

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Lettuce Lake Park in August

Tiny critters at the park. Creepy critters at the park. Pesky squirrels at the park (I don’t know who thought that was a “Squirrel proof” feeder. It was hanging next to the nature center.) Pretty prothonotary warblers at the park. … Continue reading

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Little critters at Chesnut Park

I keep running into the cutest squirrels. Butterflies in the butterfly garden at the park.   Bees seem to like the lilies in the lake. Just some everyday stuff from Chesnut Park.

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More birds from Arizona

We saw dark-eyed junkos everywhere we went. I saw Steller’s jays everywhere but it was tough to get a decent picture. They were really skittish. Ravens were also everywhere. I don’t see them around my area in central Florida. They are … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Grey, Brown and Creme

I don’t need to go see the movie. We have it live right in our parks. As I was walking down the trail, I heard a scuttle high up in the trees. From far away I thought they were fighting. … Continue reading

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