Birds and boats at Fort Desoto

A rare yellow billed cuckoo high up in the tree.

Either a female or immature prairie warbler.

Hiding in hole. I was wondering if they nest in this hole.

Some of the shorebirds close to the trail, a ruddy turnstone and a black bellied plover.

I stopped by the fishing pier before heading home.

Far across the bay near Egmont Key.

Sailing past the pier, this old sailboat reminded me of my dad. He would have loved that boat. I turned it into a black and white photo so it would have looked like something he would have taken many years ago.

An early summer walk at Fort Desoto.

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7 thoughts on “Birds and boats at Fort Desoto

  1. Wonderful photos, I love the pelicans especially and you did a great job converting the photo to a b&w. I thought it wa a vintage image when I first looked at it.

  2. Is that an old vintage sailboat? It certainly has that look. I like the b&w treatment and very cool that it reminds you of a photo your dad would have taken!

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