Birds and boats at Fort Desoto

A rare yellow billed cuckoo high up in the tree.

Either a female or immature prairie warbler.

Hiding in hole. I was wondering if they nest in this hole.

Some of the shorebirds close to the trail, a ruddy turnstone and a black bellied plover.

I stopped by the fishing pier before heading home.

Far across the bay near Egmont Key.

Sailing past the pier, this old sailboat reminded me of my dad. He would have loved that boat. I turned it into a black and white photo so it would have looked like something he would have taken many years ago.

An early summer walk at Fort Desoto.

SkyWatch Friday

The dolphin show at Fort Desoto.

A baby dolphin was swimming close to Mom above.

The dolphins were swimming right under the fishing pier at Fort Desoto in early June. The water was clear and the sun was hitting the water just perfect so you could see them before they came up for air.

Someone caught a tiny shark.

A beautiful day to be out in a boat.

SkyWatch Friday


After the storm


We had a big storm come through the area on Friday and then next morning I headed out to Fort Desoto. It was low tide and the beach was full of things we don’t see that often. Lots of live shells. We mostly see broken ones.


I think this crab took over this empty conch shell.


This starfish was missing a few limbs.


The beach was full of these.  They were all empty though.


Horseshoe crabs were on the beach.


Another critter taking up residence in an empty shell.



The beach was full of the above.  Some kind of sea plant?  Looks like corn on the cob husks to me.


A beautiful cool morning at Fort Desoto Park.

Shine the Divine

Slice of Heaven

IMG_4036 IMG_4018 IMG_4029 DSC_4253 DSC_4264 DSC_4260 DSC_4251
DSC_4242 DSC_4240

Brett and I had a recent Friday off  and spent the day at Anna Maria Island. About an hour south of us, we drove down and spent the day on the tiny beach there. It’s a small community and I don’t think I saw a single hotel there. All houses and a few restaurants that you can walk to. It was sunny and 80 and we had most of the beach to ourselves. We had lunch at the Rod and Reel pier (top 2 pictures) and hung out on the beach. We napped, read and walked around. It was a perfect relaxing day before the crazy holidays start.

Another spring in winter post












So far it’s been a mild winter here. I think I’ve worn a coat to work only once. Some days it’s sunny and 60 degrees like it was on this day in early February. It was windy though. I stopped by the fishing pier in Safety Harbor to see what was flying around. Not much flying but I noticed the flowers around the picnic area were still blooming. I guess that’s why I’m still sneezing in the winter here. Things are still blooming.

LorikArtShine the Divine

Another perfect morning at the fishing pier – Skywatch Friday


Snowy egrets getting a bait fish snack.


Flipping them into their mouths like popcorn shrimp.


They were having a feast since someone left a good portion of their bait fish catch on the pier. People tend to pull up their nets, empty as much as they can in the bucket and don’t bother to pick up all of the stragglers.


This juvenile laughing gull was having problems with his beak. At first, I thought his bottom beak was broken but it looked okay. But, he did have something wrong with his tongue.


Some alone time under the pier.


Beach bum lizard.


“Man, I’m thirsty and tired of drinking salt water.”


“Lady, can you come over here and turn this on?”


Dolphin at the pier.


Out in the gulf.


Passing a sand bar.

Speaking of sand bars, the one above is a fairly new one. I zoomed in on it and the picture is extremely cropped so it’s pretty far away from the beach. I have heard that there are hundreds of birds that hang out there now. Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been many shorebirds at the north beach marsh. That’s where I’d be if I was a bird, not on the crowded beach at the park.

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