A new bird blown off course

Right after Hurricane Irma came through someone had posted that they had seen a golden plover at Fort Desoto. I have never heard of a golden plover being anywhere near here and someone else had said they are never seen in Florida so this one must have gotten blown way off course from the storm. Everyone was questioning it until some expert birders had gotten pictures of it. After a couple of days I was able to run down to the park after work one night. I had about an hour before it got dark to find it. The bird was easy to find and  close to were people had seen it days before. It was feeding along the rack line so I sat down on the beach and took some shots with my 300mm and extender. The little bird seemed curious and kept getting closer to me. I kept getting up and backing up. He looked okay and was running around feeding but I couldn’t help wondering if he was trying to tell me something. A few days later a rehabber picked him up and he’s been recuperating since then. I last heard he was doing much better and should be released soon.  We get a lot of black bellied plovers in the same area. See below for recent pictures of those.

Two black bellied plovers above.  The top is during the breeding season and the bottom is in the winter. The golden plover has a lot of brown on his head that shines.

A few things I saw near the golden plover that night.  The tide was so low that you could see the crabs in the crab trap.

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A walk around Davis Islands yacht basin

So many different things to see around the tip of Davis Islands where the small airport and yacht basin ends the island.  From tiny boats, really big boats and tug boats the variety can keep you busy watching the sights all morning.

In one corner of the island, there’s a small dog beach next to the private airport. There wasn’t many dogs on the beach early one recent Saturday morning. I think it was just too hot. Even the water was warm.

I think this is my favorite. This sailboat had a handmade boat lift for it’s own rowboat.

A hot Saturday morning in late July.

SkyWatch Friday

Saturday morning at Fort Desoto.






Random things around Fort Desoto.


I found this guy on the fishing pier. I don’t know what that is sticking out of his beak. Is it a fishing hook? A fish bone? He didn’t have any trouble flying or eating.




Someone left a fish head on the pier. The great blue heron picked it up and flew off towards the beach with it.

chasing birds

What is it about sleeping birds that makes kids want to run towards them and scare them away? It’s a constant scene on the beach.

Skywatch Friday

Another perfect morning at the fishing pier – Skywatch Friday


Snowy egrets getting a bait fish snack.


Flipping them into their mouths like popcorn shrimp.


They were having a feast since someone left a good portion of their bait fish catch on the pier. People tend to pull up their nets, empty as much as they can in the bucket and don’t bother to pick up all of the stragglers.


This juvenile laughing gull was having problems with his beak. At first, I thought his bottom beak was broken but it looked okay. But, he did have something wrong with his tongue.


Some alone time under the pier.


Beach bum lizard.


“Man, I’m thirsty and tired of drinking salt water.”


“Lady, can you come over here and turn this on?”


Dolphin at the pier.


Out in the gulf.


Passing a sand bar.

Speaking of sand bars, the one above is a fairly new one. I zoomed in on it and the picture is extremely cropped so it’s pretty far away from the beach. I have heard that there are hundreds of birds that hang out there now. Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been many shorebirds at the north beach marsh. That’s where I’d be if I was a bird, not on the crowded beach at the park.

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