A trip down south (south Florida)

Every year in the winter Brett and I head down to the Miami area for a long weekend to visit some relatives before it gets too hot. This past February we were looking for something to do with his aunt and uncle and were going to be close to Homestead one afternoon so we stopped at the Fruit and Spice Park.  We were way down south of Miami right before heading to the Keys. Lots of farmland down there. The park is a farm that grows different exotic spices and fruits that you can tour. We took a long tram ride with a guide who explained all of the different plants that are farmed there. We got to taste and smell some of them. It was a nice way to relax and spend the afternoon outdoors and I took a ton of pictures.

The above Rainbow Gum tree was very cool. As the bark peels off, it exposes different colors. It can only be grown in frost-free areas of the country.

There were lots of critters crawling around from the pretty green lizard to the big iguanas. The kids on the tram went crazy over them and we stopped and were allowed to get pretty close.

More to come on this trip down “south”.

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  1. We took a (mid-week) long weekend down to the Homestead area this season — visited that spice Farm and definitely enjoyed it. I still have a couple of lizard photos I haven’t used ….. yours are better (but I will try to forget that).

  2. Wonderful photos, Dina! I first saw iguanas in the Galapagos Islands and still have trouble getting my head around the idea of them in North America. A brain glitch, perhaps!
    And that Rainbow Gum Tree is indeed very cool! Thanks for sharing.
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